Natural! I enjoy capturing real moments and I want the flow of your day to run exactly the same as if I wasn't there. This allows me to capture real personalities, laughter and excitement, which result in photographs that have meaning behind them. I believe wedding photography should be a record of how you felt at the time, not how long you had to pose for and how hard I worked setting up all my lighting gear and ordering your guests about. I don’t want to take you away from your family and friends on your big day and I certainly don't want to spend hours taking formal photographs (30 minutes is fine). I just want everyone to have a fun, feel relaxed and  enjoy each others company as the day flows naturally, whilst 'little me' captures every true moment beautifully. I believe the less I say and do, the better the photos are.  



Photography is very close to my heart as my Grandad was a professional wedding photographer.  Every weekend I got to play with his cameras and view the hundreds of photographs stored in the mountain of albums he kept. On a number of occasions I have been photographing a wedding, only to find out my Grandad photographed their parents or grandparents wedding! If I come close to having the same impact with my photography, that would be amazing!



If you would like to meet up for a chat to discuss your wedding, I am happy to answer any questions, show sample storybooks give advice and offer recommendations. When it comes to photography its all about me understanding who you are and how you want your wedding day to go on the day. Simply click on the contact link above!