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I want a black lab!


Why Photography?

I'm interested in people, I love seeing someone broadcast their spirit to the world and being able capture their beaming humanity! Wedding photography is the perfect environment for me, I love it! I believe in real, natural moments and emotions which require no interventions or instructions.



When I'm not taking pictures I'm with my lovely Mae (fiancé) and friends. Either cinema, bowling, pub, playing cards, celebrating something or eating pizza. Biggest part of my life is my amdram group Springers which I have been a member of since I was 8 years old and I'm currently the Production Assistant, Photographer and Markerting Designer for our next production Soho Cinders in November! 



It's in the Genes

Photography is very close to my heart as my Grandad, Ronnie Crowe was a professional wedding photographer.  Every weekend I got to play with his cameras and view the hundreds of photographs stored in the mountains of albums. On a number of occassions I have been photographing a couples wedding, only to find out my Grandad photographed their parents or grandparents wedding and they start telling me how much they loved having my grandad photograph their day. If I come close to having the same impact about 50 years later from my photography, it would be amazing!



Before I went full time in 2011 I worked on a number of cruise ships for 2 years and it was brilliant! Not only did it give me the photography skills but also confidence. It taught me what hard work was and opened my eyes to the world, people and life! One of the best experiences of my life, the reason I left was because I missed my home and the simply things in life, like sitting on the sofa with a pizza watching a film, which in fact was the first thing I did when I got home!       


Current Life Goals

- Family home

- Pet labrador


Lets meet!

If you would like to meet up for a chat to discuss your wedding, I am happy to answer any questions, show sample storybooks give advice and offer recommendations. When it comes to photography its all about me understanding who you are and how you want your wedding day to go on the day. Simply click on the contact link above!