Wedding FAQs


Can I decide on a Storybook after the wedding?

Yep! Most clients decide after the wedding and some like to spread the cost and pay monthly.


Can you cover both bride and groom preparations?

We are able to do both, no problem! 2nd shooters are available at £150 to cover preparations. If you are both getting ready at the same place and the groom is happy to get ready before the bride a seconder shooter is not needed.


What formal photos do you take?

I am more than happy to take as many as you like, however this is time permitting. I have 10 classic formal shots, which can take 10 - 30 minutes. If additional photographs are requested I will likely request a member of your wedding party to help gather guests.


How long do you stay for?

That’s up to you! My most popular full day package at £1395 includes coverage just after the first dance. If your first dance is at 8pm, I will likely stay until 9pm


What if we run late?

No wedding runs exactly on time and delays do happen. You don’t need to worry about me disappearing, I always confirm there are no more photographs you would like me to take before I leave. 


How many photographs will I get?

On average I provide 60 edited images per hour, if you have booked full day coverage expect to receive 500 - 700 images.


Can we request are own song for the wedding video?

Unfortunately due to copyright law we are unable to take song requests and are only allowed use professional licensed music. The music is an integral role in the video as it sets the mood, pace and emotional response, so we are very careful in our selection.


What happens if you are ill on the day?

I would literally have to be on my deathbed or in coma for me not to be at your wedding but rest assured I do have a network of contacts who will take my place if needed. It is my responsibility to provide you with an equal quality photographer or videographer in the event of me becoming ill.


Do you need feeding?

Yes please! If I am there all day I request a hot meal, I have no food allergies and will eat anything put in front of me!


Can I do my own prints?

Absolutely! All the images on the USB are available to print however you wish. For larger prints I would recommend using myself to insure colour and paper quality.


How many images are in the Storybook?

It depends on the design but a general average is 3-4 images per page. To give you an idea a 50 page Storybook will include approximately 150 - 200 images.


How do we book?

First step is to organise a time with myself at my studio to discuss your wedding in more detail. The next step is signing the contact and paying the booking fee.


What and when do we pay?

For wedding photography only a £350 booking fee secures your wedding date and the remaining balance is due 14 days before the wedding. You may also spread the cost leading up to the wedding if you wish.


How long does it take to edit the photos and video?

Depending on how busy I am at the time editing can take 4-8 weeks, quieter times of the year can be 2-4 weeks.


What if your camera breaks on day?

I have 2 primary cameras and 2 backups with me on the day, so if anything should happen I am fully covered.


How far in advance should I book?

Wedding photographers are booked years in advance, I always recommended you book as soon as possible. Once you’ve booked the venue, photography should be your next point of call!


Will the photos be in colour or black and white?

I shoot in colour and edit the ones I think will look good in black and white, so you’ll have a mix. If you want any images in black and white or colour let me know the file number and I’ll happily convert them for you.


What if you haven’t photographed the venue before?

I specialise in capturing moments as they happen naturally, however with regards to   the more formal proceedings it’s good for me to feel comfortable with the surroundings and locate the best backdrops and interesting spaces before the big day!


What do you wear?

I always dress smart and wear a 3 piece suit, I would personally feel uncomfortable if I wasn’t dressed smart at a wedding, even on the hottest day of the year.


Where are you based?

I am based at Hylands Artist Studios in Chelmsford, Essex. My studio showroom is only a short distance from junction 15 on the A12. There are two entrances to Hylands Estate, please use the entrance off London Road. Follow the signs to The Stables and Visitor Centre when you arrive, parking is free.


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